Saturday, November 18, 2006

Visit to the MV Doulos and Vivocity

As the title says, my friend and I went there a couple of days ago. MV Doulos is a ship which holds international book fairs whilst sailing around the world. According to the ship crew, this particular ship only sets sail around Asia. They have other ships for the Americas and other regions. Their crew members are from all around the world. Its like a mini United Nations in there. South Koreans, Americans, South Americans, South Africans etc. If you're thinking of paying a visit to the MV Doulos, its decked right in front of Vivocity. About 10 minutes walk from Harbour Front MRT Station.

I spotted this brightly coloured Chinese Junk while being on deck. I love the colours. They complement each other, don't you think?

So, after that we decided to go to Vivocity. Vivocity, by the way, is the latest shopping mall in Singapore and like any typical Singaporeans, we felt the need to check it out. Did it blow me away? Was I impressed? Well, I'd say, it was alright. Its just really lengthy and wide. I liked their concept for the rooftop water wading thingy. If I was the mall developer/planner, I would dedicate a few storeys of the mall for an indoor theme-park, water complex, outdoor yoga sessions in a Japanese garden(don't you dare steal my ideas!)..etc..Okay, the first idea was taken from Malaysia's Times Square. I still think that Malaysia's Times Square is the best shopping centre I've ever been to as of now. You know, if I was the one being put-in-charge of the mall's planning, it'll kick-ass!

Have you been to Vivocity? What are your thoughts?


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