Saturday, November 18, 2006

Visit to the MV Doulos and Vivocity

As the title says, my friend and I went there a couple of days ago. MV Doulos is a ship which holds international book fairs whilst sailing around the world. According to the ship crew, this particular ship only sets sail around Asia. They have other ships for the Americas and other regions. Their crew members are from all around the world. Its like a mini United Nations in there. South Koreans, Americans, South Americans, South Africans etc. If you're thinking of paying a visit to the MV Doulos, its decked right in front of Vivocity. About 10 minutes walk from Harbour Front MRT Station.

I spotted this brightly coloured Chinese Junk while being on deck. I love the colours. They complement each other, don't you think?

So, after that we decided to go to Vivocity. Vivocity, by the way, is the latest shopping mall in Singapore and like any typical Singaporeans, we felt the need to check it out. Did it blow me away? Was I impressed? Well, I'd say, it was alright. Its just really lengthy and wide. I liked their concept for the rooftop water wading thingy. If I was the mall developer/planner, I would dedicate a few storeys of the mall for an indoor theme-park, water complex, outdoor yoga sessions in a Japanese garden(don't you dare steal my ideas!)..etc..Okay, the first idea was taken from Malaysia's Times Square. I still think that Malaysia's Times Square is the best shopping centre I've ever been to as of now. You know, if I was the one being put-in-charge of the mall's planning, it'll kick-ass!

Have you been to Vivocity? What are your thoughts?

Friday, November 17, 2006

GST Increases Again! So,whats new?

I've been really busy lately. Lets do a re-cap on what's been happening.
  • GST increases from 5% to 7%.
    "To finance social programs and help people with low incomes" Prime Minister,Lee.
    Yeah, right! If so, why not only increase taxes of the affluent and leave out the mid income to low income level citizens?
  • I realised that I absolutely can't get along well with any of my relatives. I just can't stand being so fake around them. It sucks.
  • I have tons of research to do. And its hard work looking through hundreds of websites. Over and over again.
  • I can't work with people who do not behave like an adult. I'm sorry I just can't.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I'm currently doing a project on Burberry. If you've ever shopped at Burberry, bought their couture wear, designer bags, work there, visited/bought anything from the Burberry Blue/Black Label stores in Japan's Ginza district, recently attended their fashion shows and are currently working in the couture fashion industry, please drop me an e-mail. I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any thoughts on the Burberry brand, please comment. Thanks.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Traffic Jam In Bangkok

Bangkok is a nice place to be in. Forget about all their political problems. The people there are friendly and the food is good. As always, there will always be bad eggs in society. They have pickpocketing syndicates there. So, be very careful and never place your money at the back. Preferably, in your front pocket or sling your bag in front. Remember, they're pickpocketing experts and they're very good at their craft.

Now, rush hour traffic in Bangkok is a nightmare. Enough for you to pull your hair out. We were in this cab on our way to Siam Square and the traffic jam was terrible. We were literally stuck there (as in never even move an inch, okay!) We waited and waited. As the cab meter kept ticking away. We had enough. We were not going to spend all of our money on cab fares. Geeez. So, after twenty minutes or so we got off and scurried to the pavement in search of the nearest SkyTrain station (or whatever they call their train system which is very much like our MRT, except that they're still using the card thingy which was phased out many years ago here. It reminded me of my childhood..) Their train system is efficient and clean; we reached our destination in a matter of 5-7 minutes. And the fare was reasonable too.

I love the cab drivers there. They're very interactive. Since we were there during the World Cup period, some of the cab drivers kept talking to us about football stuff. Their radios were always switched on to some live football commentary station (the commentator spoke in Thai, henceforth, the only words we understood were the names of the countries he was mentioning, the players' name and GOAL!!!) Haha, sometimes we didn't even know who scored and just shouted GOAL along with the cab driver.

And oh, you have to try the three-wheeled Tuk-tuk if you're there. Its a very authentic Thai experience. Of course, they also have a similar vehicle in India. But I haven't been there; yet. I have to polish up on my Hindi before I step foot there.

Woah, I blogged for four days in a row. Thats a record. Where's my present?

Saturday, November 04, 2006


My mind is in a chaotic whirlwind right now. It's one of those weeks where thoughts run though my head in an overwhelming gush, leaving me pulled in many directions making me unable to actually accomplish anything. This week left me with a mixture of emotions. I can still smell the lingering stale air of unfinished business. I’m not someone who announces my problems to the world. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that I have no problems. I do. Just like anyone else. But, my problems just becomes this speckle of dust when compared to those faced by the rest of the world. I used to look at the small picture and when I did, it only made me more miserable. But when I changed my perspective and began looking at the bigger picture, I realised that there’s no point brooding over certain things. God is fair. You get what you give.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Studying Online?

Lets talk about why I dislike online tutorials and lectures. Firstly, it is very confusing. Secondly, you have to be online, signed into the institution's Intranet system from a specified time to a specified time. Because, if you don't, you will be considered absent and therefore, run the risk of getting very low GPA and getting de-barred from exams. Thirdly, you have to stare at the computer screen for 2 hours straight and keep hitting the refresh button. It strains your eyes and makes you feel real sleepy. While I'm definitely pro-technology, but in this case, I still prefer a face-to-face tutorial and lecture session. Because, there are simply too many distractions online.

Last week, my close friend and I, went to Fish and Co for our dinner. Their entire restaurant had a halloween theme. We were not aware of it at first since it isn't so big here and all. We thought someone was having a fancy dress party and booked the entire place or summit. It wasn't till the waiter explained to us that since it was the halloween week and yadda yadda that they were having this theme in their restaurant and other tied-in halloween promotions. That was the closest thing to celebrating halloween for us.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ye Hath No Clue

I've had four blogs in the past. I ended up deleting all four of them. You know damn well that this blog isn't going to last long as well. Tell me how can it last when I only post like once every month? Anyhow, I will give blogging yet another try again.

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