Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I spent about $200 shopping this month. Well, the GST(goods and services tax) is increasing on February the something as you all know, so yeah...Plus, most stores were having end-of-season sales and lingerie sales. And you know damn well that, during off-sales period they can be damn expensive.

So, I happen to catch Blood Diamond at the cinema recently. It was an excellent movie. The best movie that I've watched since The Pirates Of The Caribbean : Curse Of The Black Pearl last year. Definitely worth your $$$!

Yesterday was the first time that I caught the inter-secondary-school-debate-show called "The Arena" on television. I seldom watch local television channels, you see. So I wasn't aware of such a show. Personally, I felt that the contestants were too nervous and were all going around similar issues over and over again. So, the motion for next week is "Singapore, a self-service nation! Local service standards have a long way to go." Well, the truth is the motion is right. We still have a pretty darn long way to go. I should know. Because I'm learning this shit ya'll. I've done my own case-studies on a few retailers in Singapore (read: projects). And the results just proves that we're tortoises behind service cheetahs like Japan and Thailand.
I've discussed this topic like a gazillion number of times. God, I'm getting sick of it.

So, besides that one of the judges, Ashraf Safdar, is pretty darn hot. Good move, Mediacorp. Putting on eye candy judges like him and Eunice Olsen will get people to watch the show even though subsequently when the topics may get stale and over-discussed. Back to him. He's hot.

Why the fuck am I always attracted to articulate,confident and good-looking guys? Omg, what THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME. One of my previous crushes was from my institution's debates team (well, I was there for about a couple of months or so) and the other one was one of my forum mate a year back. At this rate I'll never be in a relationship since my standards are "high" and I'll be a cat lady or something when I retire. Its not like everyone around me is in a fucking relationship or something and I'm whining that I'm not in one. I mean like what the fuck, right? Its just that it gets frustrating when you don't get to go out with your girlfriends as often you used to because they're like always constantly going on dates. So damn freaking irritating. Thank God, I have friends who are still single. Then again, there are many perks which comes with being single. The number 1 perk : You get to flirt with as many guys you want! Single women, rejoice!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Random Talk

Why do people have to be so fake sometimes? I can't stand people who are like that. They always put on a mask when people are around them. The older I get, I find out an increasing number of the characteristics of people that I begin to despise. I find out more about the problems surrounding me. But, I'm more in tune with myself now than before and know what I want. I'll be hitting 20 in a few months time. God knows, time flies and very soon I'll be hitting the big 30. I don't want to be disappointed when I look back upon my years and have not done anything meaningful or something that I would be proud of. There are a number of things that I've tried/done so far. But, there are many more to go.

You know how when you get into secondary school, you kind of still keep in contact with some of your primary school friends. Then, when you hit secondary 3 or 4, you just somehow keep to lose in contact with them because you're busy and vice versa. Then, when you enter poly or college, you've completely lost in touch with them? Basically, I fall into that category. Okay, it also has got to do with my depression and aneroxia episode, so basically I just wanted to be isolated. However,I still keep in contact with only a couple of my secondary school friends. They are the ones of whom I felt was worthwhile keeping and making time for no mater how busy I maybe. If you want friendships to last you've got to put in time and effort into it, or else it'll just fade away, just like that. There are very few people of whom I can share my deepest and darkest secrets, thoughts with. To lose them, would be a life hazard. To a certain extent, they're already part of me , an extension of myself, you know?

Right, so, recently, no matter how busy I maybe, I'll always make it a point to watch The Ellen Degeneres Show and The Tyra Bank's Show if I'm at home. I'm addicted to their shows. Damnit. I'm addicted. Seriously addicted. I love their talk shows. Ellen is just so fun to watch and her shows are like small dosages of Panadol/Asprin (ya know, stress relievers) whereas Tyra is like a feminist and her shows cover some really good topics! For example today, they were covering on weird eating disorders (other than the usual aneroxia and bullimia). Such as maneroxia (when a man suffers from aneroxia), paper eating disorder, trans-eating-disorder (something like sleep-eating) etc. It really was an eye opener as I really didn't know that even men suffer from such a female related illness. How come they have such enjoyable and wonderful jobs? I want their jobs!!!

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

You're not man enough for me.

I want to marry a man loaded with $$$ so that I can travel the world with him. I'm dead serious okay. Travelling around the world is one wish that I most definitely must fulfill before I die. Men, to me, fall into different classifications. Listed here are those of which I can think of right now.

1. Someone whom you just want to have a fling and hot sex with because he's fucking gorgeous and has a hot body. For example, Calvin Klein's underwear models fall into this category.

2. The bad "boy" type who rides bikes,smokes,drinks all the time and hangs out till the wee hours of the morning.

3. The gentleman. Usually average to good looking. Holds a degree, rather accomplished in work/life.

4. The nerdy guy who wears a completely different personality after work.

5. The men in uniform. They range from policemen to pirates. (meh,wishful thinking)

6. The guy who gave up his good paying job for doing something he has a passion in. For example, volunteering. Like working for doctors without borders instead of in a well reputed private hospital.

7. The guy who is in a rock band, hoping to make it big one day, but is still holding on to his day time job for now.

8. The heck-care, slacker guy who thinks that he has no future and bums around in his house the whole day aka the loser.

9. The businessman. High-flying job. Maybe an entrepreneur. Good taste in good food and wine. Version 1, will be the stuck up rich guy. Version 2, will be the down-to-earth man.

10. The sweet talking flirtatious guy who hits on girls in clubs, bars and social gatherings. There are different scenarios for this. Scenario 1, he's already married or in a long-term relationship aka cheater. Scenario 2, no strings attached;he just wants you for sex sex sex. Scenario 3, changes his girlfriend every fortnight.

11. The boy next door type. Generally has a good attitude, nice personality and stuff. His mother dotes on him and he's a good brother to his siblings.

12. The man whom you can see yourself being in a long-term relationship with. He's confident, carries himself well and intellegent.

13. The still studying guy, hoping to make it big one day aka student and doesn't fit into any of the categories above because he doesn't have a full-time job yet.

I'll update my list when I think of more.So, if you're a guy reading this, which category do you think you'll fit into? If its none of them, what type of guy are you?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Wheels Of The Bus Goes Around and Around

Today or rather yesterday, was the first day of school for those in primary, secondary schools and junior colleges. As I look back to those days, I realised that I didn't really miss primary or secondary school at all. But, in saying that, I guess I do miss the teachers and a handful of old friends. When I become successful one day (and you know, I will) , I want them to know what I've achieved in life. I want them to know that their efforts didn't go to waste.

But, that's about it. I certainly did not miss the immature/lame kids surrounding me and their incessant brainless chatter.

A few years later when I'm already working, I will look back upon my poly years and miss it like hell. My poly years are the best years of my life. No tuition. No doing/studying stuff that you hated. No forced participation in CCAs. There is still stress, but that's part and parcel of life.

My poly groomed me to be a better person and to be something much more that I could have ever dreamed of. I participated in stuff that I was genuinely interested in and thoroughly enjoyed them. More importantly, I am now an optimist and love socialising. Something that I was not in primary or secondary school. It has to be because of the company surrounding me.

Life lessons is something that you can't get from memorising textbooks. Believe me. Its true. That is what all of the leaders in the world will tell you. Education can only get you so far. While IQ is important, having a high EQ is important too. Maya Angelou never had a formal college education but look at how far she has come.

But kids, education is still important, okay. But enjoy the learning process, if you hate it, learn something else, change courses or something. You don't want to be stuck wasting years of your lives doing something you hate. Time is precious. Spend it wisely. Learn something that you have a passion in, learn something that you love. And you will get far in life.

Success, is to each its very own. There is no definition for success. Success is a journey, not a destination. For some, it maybe measured by its monetary value or achieving fame or obtaining a doctorate degree and for some, it is measured by the number of lives they have changed.

I wouldn't have changed any education choices that I have made so far in my life. Because for every choice I made, I thought of it a gazillion times and it was the best for me at that very point of time. I can honestly say that I have no regrets. Life is too short for that.

“The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson,and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.”

- Tom Bodett

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