Sunday, February 11, 2007

World Politics

Singapore's population is projected to be at 6.5 million within the next decades or so. Crap. I'm worried. We're already so dense at 4.5 million right now. How the hell are we going to cope with this influx of people living here in the future?

HDB is also exploring the concept of "Housing in a Park" to complement Singapore's vision of a "City in a Garden."
Okay, yes. We have the similar sentiments on this. But I just can't digest the fact that we're going to be more populated.

Queue lines will be more longer than it already is, we'll have to wait longer for things, the buses and MRT will be more crowded, I will bump into more people on the streets and yadda yadda.

I should seriously be thinking of moving out. I need space. I don't think I'm suited for city-stress living for my entire life. Or maybe I am. Time will tell.

On a sidenote, I feel that Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton are really interesting candidates for the US Presidency. (Yeah you maybe thinking heck, anyone is better than Bush) They brought up some pressing and important issues and promised to tackle them. But hey, actions speak louder than words. Eventhough I'm not an American, the war in Iraq was a tragic mistake indeed. Infact, it was a fucking stupid mistake.

Meanwhile, global warming, is serious shit. It has been landing us in hot soup. It has resulted floods in Indonesia and Malaysia as well as freak weather conditions in some other countries. The Ice caps melting, sea levels are rising and the Maldives is being projected to sink etc. I never thought about it really affecting us. Its like all these while in geography lesson few years back, all I heard was that we should play our part, because of the effects it has on the earth and it ended there. The El-Nino effect, the Greenhouse effect. Heck, they were just words and theories back then. But now, its freaking reality. This is scary.

Sometimes, I think about my future, and I don't even know what to think of. The future is a scary place to be thinking of when the present is already as screwed up as it is.

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