Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Random Talk

Why do people have to be so fake sometimes? I can't stand people who are like that. They always put on a mask when people are around them. The older I get, I find out an increasing number of the characteristics of people that I begin to despise. I find out more about the problems surrounding me. But, I'm more in tune with myself now than before and know what I want. I'll be hitting 20 in a few months time. God knows, time flies and very soon I'll be hitting the big 30. I don't want to be disappointed when I look back upon my years and have not done anything meaningful or something that I would be proud of. There are a number of things that I've tried/done so far. But, there are many more to go.

You know how when you get into secondary school, you kind of still keep in contact with some of your primary school friends. Then, when you hit secondary 3 or 4, you just somehow keep to lose in contact with them because you're busy and vice versa. Then, when you enter poly or college, you've completely lost in touch with them? Basically, I fall into that category. Okay, it also has got to do with my depression and aneroxia episode, so basically I just wanted to be isolated. However,I still keep in contact with only a couple of my secondary school friends. They are the ones of whom I felt was worthwhile keeping and making time for no mater how busy I maybe. If you want friendships to last you've got to put in time and effort into it, or else it'll just fade away, just like that. There are very few people of whom I can share my deepest and darkest secrets, thoughts with. To lose them, would be a life hazard. To a certain extent, they're already part of me , an extension of myself, you know?

Right, so, recently, no matter how busy I maybe, I'll always make it a point to watch The Ellen Degeneres Show and The Tyra Bank's Show if I'm at home. I'm addicted to their shows. Damnit. I'm addicted. Seriously addicted. I love their talk shows. Ellen is just so fun to watch and her shows are like small dosages of Panadol/Asprin (ya know, stress relievers) whereas Tyra is like a feminist and her shows cover some really good topics! For example today, they were covering on weird eating disorders (other than the usual aneroxia and bullimia). Such as maneroxia (when a man suffers from aneroxia), paper eating disorder, trans-eating-disorder (something like sleep-eating) etc. It really was an eye opener as I really didn't know that even men suffer from such a female related illness. How come they have such enjoyable and wonderful jobs? I want their jobs!!!

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