Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I spent about $200 shopping this month. Well, the GST(goods and services tax) is increasing on February the something as you all know, so yeah...Plus, most stores were having end-of-season sales and lingerie sales. And you know damn well that, during off-sales period they can be damn expensive.

So, I happen to catch Blood Diamond at the cinema recently. It was an excellent movie. The best movie that I've watched since The Pirates Of The Caribbean : Curse Of The Black Pearl last year. Definitely worth your $$$!

Yesterday was the first time that I caught the inter-secondary-school-debate-show called "The Arena" on television. I seldom watch local television channels, you see. So I wasn't aware of such a show. Personally, I felt that the contestants were too nervous and were all going around similar issues over and over again. So, the motion for next week is "Singapore, a self-service nation! Local service standards have a long way to go." Well, the truth is the motion is right. We still have a pretty darn long way to go. I should know. Because I'm learning this shit ya'll. I've done my own case-studies on a few retailers in Singapore (read: projects). And the results just proves that we're tortoises behind service cheetahs like Japan and Thailand.
I've discussed this topic like a gazillion number of times. God, I'm getting sick of it.

So, besides that one of the judges, Ashraf Safdar, is pretty darn hot. Good move, Mediacorp. Putting on eye candy judges like him and Eunice Olsen will get people to watch the show even though subsequently when the topics may get stale and over-discussed. Back to him. He's hot.

Why the fuck am I always attracted to articulate,confident and good-looking guys? Omg, what THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME. One of my previous crushes was from my institution's debates team (well, I was there for about a couple of months or so) and the other one was one of my forum mate a year back. At this rate I'll never be in a relationship since my standards are "high" and I'll be a cat lady or something when I retire. Its not like everyone around me is in a fucking relationship or something and I'm whining that I'm not in one. I mean like what the fuck, right? Its just that it gets frustrating when you don't get to go out with your girlfriends as often you used to because they're like always constantly going on dates. So damn freaking irritating. Thank God, I have friends who are still single. Then again, there are many perks which comes with being single. The number 1 perk : You get to flirt with as many guys you want! Single women, rejoice!

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